Speaker Catherine Davis

Monday, April 6th at 7 pm in the Library we will host speaker and author Catherine Davis.
Catherine Davis is the Founder and President of The Restoration Project which brings awareness to the black genocide of abortion. She is the author of several books including this book, The Fight for Life-Taking it to the streets. The Respect Life Book club will just have finished reading that book. Come join us. It is an easy read short book and so informative. Catherine is an amazing speaker I hope you will come learn so much from her.

The Fight for Life is one woman’s journey from abortion to fighter for life. In this book, noted activist Catherine Davis, explores aspects of abortion that few have been willing to touch until now: women’s rights, civil rights, or ending poverty. She exposes the racial roots of abortion and eugenics, and how this has been sold to the black community. The Fight for Life is also a challenge to fight aggressively including personal action steps. This book will challenge what you think you know about abortion, and show you a new way forward.