Discussion of Faithful Citizenship

Please mark your calendar for October 8, 2020 at 7:30PM for a Discussion on Faithful Citizenship. It will be organized as an in-person and live streaming event.

If you want to attend in-person you must register by going to https://transfiguration.com/get-involved/ministries/catholic-social-teaching/

To access live streaming at 7:30PM on the 8thclick on https://transfiguration.com/media/live-mass-stream/ . 

Our Discussion will be led by Ms. Kat Doyle, Director of Justice and Peace Ministries for the Archdiocese of Atlanta, and Mr. Tom Reichert, Pastoral Minister of St. Joseph’s Church in Marietta. This is timely as we approach the general elections in November. There will be no endorsement of any candidate during the discussion. We will talk about the moral issues that Catholics need to evaluate as they form their conscience prior to voting. Catholics have a responsibility to promote the dignity of each human person and be affirmed in their freedom to decide in conscience which candidate best serves the Kingdom of God. Archbishop Gregory Hartmayer of the Atlanta Diocese has published a short video on the importance of Catholics understanding “Faithful Citizenship”. Consider viewing it: https://vimeo.com/455947886