Our Group works hard to further the Respect For Life Program. We do this by working several “Projects” throughout the year. See below to learn more.

Baby Bottle Boomerang

Each year in conjunction with our partner, “The Hope Center”, we complete a new, four week Lenten campaign to raise funds for Pregnant Women – as an alternative to abortion. Baby bottles are handed out by members of our ministry at each mass. Families take the bottles home and use them to add spare change throughout the weeks. The bottles contain prayers that can be said by the family. Some elect to place the bottle in the center of the family meal table as a prayer reminder and as a conversation starter. Children especially like to participate, and it teaches them respect for life at a young age. Families can also return the bottle with a check or cash donation. One of our most successful ongoing projects – we have collected over $300,000 since we began over 12 years ago. 100% of the money goes to “The Hope Center” and is used to assist young women who have chosen life over death for their unborn child. For more information, please visit The Hope Center web site.

Baby Bottle Boomerang is led by Mike Northway. Click here to contact Mike.

National March for Life

Each year we support and also try to attend the National March for Life in Washington DC. The next scheduled March for Life is scheduled for January 29th, 2021. Click here for more information.

Peggy Desiderio leads this project. To Contact Peggy, click here.

Student Scholorship

Each year, our ministry awards a scholarship check in a set amount to the winner of an essay contest on a Respect For Life Subject. The 2019 Pro-Life Essay Scholarship for $1,000 was awarded to Mary Grace Browne, a member of our parish youth group. Click here to read her winning essay.
Teen Scholarship is led by Donna Passow. (Contact Donna)

Rose Procession

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, 1973 opened the door to Abortions on Demand. Some states have even passed laws to allow killing the child after birth.

To honor the lost children whose lives have been taken, our parish holds an annual Rose Procession.

This moving event is one way the Transfiguration Catholic Church Life Ministry seeks to share the Catholic Church’s teachings on the respect for all human life.

You are invited to represent your birth year by participating in the procession.
Children may be escorted by a parent or other helper.

Click to view our 2016 Rose Procession.

Rose Procession is led by Chad Wischmeyer. (Contact Chad)

Mass for the Unborn

Mass for the Unborn is lead by Betsy Gordon. Tentative Dates for this year’s mass is January 16, 2020, pending pastor’s approval.
(Contact Betsy)

The Most Powerful Tool We Have is Prayer

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective
James 5:14-16

The worldwide Pro-Life Community is effective in its effort to establish and reinforce respect for life by all.  This includes public awareness, education, and numerous support programs for those in need.  But of all the efforts, the most impactful tool is simply prayer.  Every day a heart is changed, a child is saved from abortion, and someone is healed from the guilt arising from an abortion.

The Respect for Life Ministry encourages all to pray daily, seeking God’s help in this important mission.  All prayer is effective, no matter in what form, time or place.

Prayer For Life
O God
Please guide those with an unplanned pregnancy, so that they may fully appreciate the gift of life.
Please encourage those who can support and care for women in need.
Please free those stricken with guilt over abortion.
Please empower those working to stop abortion.
Please enlighten our civic leaders to take their rightful role as pro-life decision makers.
Please help us to serve you through our actions in support of all life.


Ted Jackson

The power of prayer is led by Tim Collins. (Contact Tim)                                 

Life Chain

We support Life Chain. It’s one hour of prayer, standing side by side on public street with signs for an end to abortion. Normally it’s the first Saturday in October.

Mother’s and Father’s Days

Mother’s and Father’s Day Celebrations are held to to recognize and honor them for choosing Life and for their invaluable leadership roles in the family.

Newsletter and Website

Newsletter: Each month we publish a Respect Life Newsletter. The newsletter contains information about upcoming events, local and national respect for life news. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, please click here to send us an email to sign up.

Website: This website strives to publish RFL relative content for members of Transfiguration Catholic Church and anyone interested in these issues. The website was first published in 2019 and is updated monthly. If you have questions about the website or would like to assist in it’s design and maintenance, please send us an email by clicking here.

The newsletter and website are led by Karl Pieleck (Contact Karl)

40 Days For Life

We support 40 Days for life, both Spring and Fall Drives.