Rose Procession News and Pictures

I want to thank everyone involved with the planning and execution of this year’s Pro-Life Rose Procession. Every year we have the privilege of hearing the many stories from people who are impacted by the Rose Procession in a very personal way.  This year was no exception.  The procession makes people stop and think about the 61 million and counting children never allowed to be born.
Bringing the Rose Procession to reality does take a village – we had people:
  • working the sign-up tables for the two weekends before the procession weekend,
  • advertising the processions through the newsletter distribution list,
  • making reminder calls/e-mails,
  • staffing the sign in tables on procession weekend,
  • recruiting “same-day volunteers” to fill open spots,
  • executing the procession itself, and
  • staffing the after mass table with pro-life magnets, pins, bumper stickers and other pro-life material.
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Pro-Life Rose Procession – Volunteers Needed!!!!

Fellow Pro-Lifers,

Our Respect for Life Ministry will again be putting on the Pro-Life Rose Procession in recognition of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision anniversary during each mass on the weekend of January 25/26, 2018. 

If you have seen the procession in the past, you know how powerful and wonderful this event can be in reaching people’s hearts.   

We need YOUR help to make this event happen.  We need at least two people to coordinate each mass for sign ups, etc. Specifically, the coordinators will need to:

1.          Staff sign up tables on Jan 11/12 and Jan 18/19 (table in Foyer – no table in Bishop Hall)

VERY IMPORTANT to arrive 20-30 minutes before mass – most sign-ups are from people on their way into mass

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