GA Chemical Abortion Bill – (SB 456)

GA Chemical Abortion Bill – (SB 456)

The Archdiocese of Atlanta supports SB 456, a state bill relating to restrictions on chemical abortions. Let’s pray that the bill gets out of committee with no amendments added. More than half of abortions now are chemical (Click Here to Read an Article from National Review).

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The Biden Administration’s FDA has ended an Obama-era safety rule that would now allow abortion pills to be provided via telemedicine or sent directly through the mail without a doctor ever examining the woman in person.

“Georgia has a maternal mortality crisis, and women dying from complications such as obstetric hemorrhaging – the chief side effect of the abortion pill,” said GLA’s Joshua Edmonds. “This… Read More “GA Chemical Abortion Bill – (SB 456)”

An OB/GYN speaks: The ‘no-test’ abortion pill protocol experiments with women’s health

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A trend of mounting concern is occurring in abortion provision. When elective induced abortion was legalized in the United States, one frequently cited motivation was that legalization would improve abortion’s safety, as it was frequently claimed that many women were injured and sometimes died from illegal abortions.

Recently, abortion advocates have changed their strategy.

Whereas once they claimed they wanted abortion to be “safe, legal and rare,” now they favor immediate access and convenience to abortion for all women experiencing unintended pregnancies, regardless of whether it might be more dangerous for a woman. 

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DAY 36: Abortion Pill Reversal

DAY 36: Abortion Pill Reversal

The most iconic scene of the Unplanned movie depicts Abby Johnson’s pill-induced abortion.

Two grisly, heart-wrenching minutes earned the film an “R” rating from the MPAA…but also became the best educational tool pro-lifers have for illustrating the horror of chemical abortions.

Fortunately, the abortion pill reversal protocol (APR) has been shown to save about two thirds of babies when moms change their minds and pursue treatment after taking the first abortion pill.

Nobody is better positioned than 40 Days for Life vigil participants to inform women who have taken the abortion pill that it might not be too late choose life.… Read More “DAY 36: Abortion Pill Reversal”

Woman who took abortion pill: I was ‘weeping and screaming’ because I saw my baby

The book, “Shockwaves: Abortions Wider Circle of Victims,” details the stories of people hurt by abortion, including that of a woman named Salome who shared her own horrific experience with the abortion pill.

Many pro-choice organizations claim that having an abortion by pill is just like having a regular monthly period. In fact, Teen Vogue, a magazine aimed at impressionable teenagers, said taking the abortion pill is “like having a period.… While it may cause cramps and bleeding similar to your typical period, it’s a safe, simple, and noninvasive way to provide reproductive care.”

But women who have taken the abortion pill continue to share the truth.

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