Prayer People Needed

Prayer People Needed

You believe in prayer and that God smiles on those who sacrifice for Him, right? We need you to put that into action. Come pray during the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil, going on now through October 31 in front of the only abortion provider in Cobb County (Planned Parenthood – next to Whitewater Park). The wonderful organizers have asked parishioners of Transfiguration to take each Tuesday as their day of prayer. Please sign up at Signup 40 Days for Life or email us if you would like one of us to go with you.

40 Days for Life is a prayer focused, international group that has had tremendous success getting pregnant women to choose life for their babies and abortion facility workers to leave that wretched business (see Results 40 Days for Life).… Read More “Prayer People Needed”

Over 40 babies saved in first week of 40 Days for Life’s spring campaign in record 567 cities

Over 40 babies saved in first week of 40 Days for Life’s spring campaign in record 567 cities

The 40 Days for Life annual spring campaign got underway last week, with 567 cities participating worldwide. The campaign began on February 17, the day Christians observed as Ash Wednesday, and will end on March 28, Palm Sunday. The dates intentionally track with the Christian observance of Lent, praying and fasting for an end to abortion during the 40 days leading up to the yearly commemoration of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection, which Campaign Director Steve Karlen discussed in a recent 40 Days for Life podcast episode.

Launched in 2007, 40 Days for Life is “an internationally coordinated 40-day campaign that aims to end abortion locally through prayer and fasting, community outreach, and a peaceful all-day vigil in front of abortion businesses.” In

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MIRACLE: Mom wakes from COVID coma the day life support was set to be removed

MIRACLE: Mom wakes from COVID coma the day life support was set to be removed

A family in Waycross, Georgia, is celebrating after a mom of four barely survived COVID-19. Lisa Martin, 49, spent 95 days in the hospital. Doctors thought she wouldn’t make it, and her family had decided to give her 11 more days before taking her off the ventilator. But on the last day, Martin woke up.

Finally back at home, Martin spoke to First Coast News about her harrowing ordeal. “Before Sept. 27, which is the day I entered the hospital, I was in pretty much perfect health,” she said. But after getting COVID-19, everything changed. “I finally just told Jeff, ‘My lungs just hurt so bad,’ and I said, ‘I’ve got to go to the ER.’

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Your Chance for Christmas Caroling and to hear Abby Johnson and Alveda King speak in person for Get Out the Pro Life Vote Rally

Your Chance for Christmas Caroling and to hear Abby Johnson and Alveda King speak in person for Get Out the Pro Life Vote Rally

by Karl Pieleck
Merry Christmas Everyone!  Join us for Christmas Caroling at our Get Out The Pro Life Vote Rally on December 19th. Abby Johnson AND Alveda King will both speak at the rally!  
Please see the flyer for additional information. Don’t miss this big event. 
Thank you all! Please RSVP for the 19th. In Messiah, with deep gratitude and love, 
Suzanne Guy 404 394-0041.
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40 Days for Life 365
Join our year round prayer and sidewalk counseling efforts with 40 Days for Life 365 by calling our leader Rachel Guy at 404 922 7659 or me at 404-394 0041 AND signing up at
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40 Days for Life, which saved 757 babies this fall, announces new campaign

A November 17 webcast hosted by 40 Days for Life announced the results of the organization’s fall 2020 international campaign — its largest 40 Days for Life campaign to date. 40 Days for Life president Shawn Carney noted in an email to supporters on Wednesday that the global event had a record-high 588 vigil sites in 36 countries this fall, including the first-ever vigils held in Cuba and Honduras. In all, 757 babies and their mothers are known to have been saved from the tragedy of abortion, an abortion business closed, and four abortion workers quit as a result of this most recent fall campaign.

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DAY 36: Abortion Pill Reversal

DAY 36: Abortion Pill Reversal

The most iconic scene of the Unplanned movie depicts Abby Johnson’s pill-induced abortion.

Two grisly, heart-wrenching minutes earned the film an “R” rating from the MPAA…but also became the best educational tool pro-lifers have for illustrating the horror of chemical abortions.

Fortunately, the abortion pill reversal protocol (APR) has been shown to save about two thirds of babies when moms change their minds and pursue treatment after taking the first abortion pill.

Nobody is better positioned than 40 Days for Life vigil participants to inform women who have taken the abortion pill that it might not be too late choose life.… Read More “DAY 36: Abortion Pill Reversal”

DAY 35: Raw video after meeting saved baby

DAY 35: Raw video after meeting saved baby

We are not entitled to results.

God calls us to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and results are up to Him, not us. When we focus on being faithful and not successful, God will show us the fruit of our labor.

JC in Yuba City, California waited an entire year before she learned that a mom chose life thanks to her presence at the fall 2019 40 Days for Life vigil. 

Find out how JC learned of the baby she saved last year in this new, raw video:


To watch, click the image or visit:

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Fwd: DAY 34: Call the doctor! I’m keeping my baby!

Fwd: DAY 34: Call the doctor! I’m keeping my baby!

We now know of 388 babies spared from abortion since September 23–with news from local campaigns continuing to flow in.

After nearly a decade of 40 Days for Life campaigns, College Station, Texas has been abortion-free since 2013. 

That hasn’t stopped pro-lifers from continuing to host vigils, praying for women in the community tempted to leave town for an abortion. 

Even without an abortion facility, the vigil is still saving lives!

As a taxi driver drove a college-aged woman and her parents past the vigil site, the young woman asked, “What’s going on? Is this a protest?”

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DAY 33: Saved by a button!

DAY 33: Saved by a button!

The positive pregnancy test couldn’t have come at a worse time.

The mother worried she was too old to bring a child into the world. Finances were tight. And to make matters worse, she feared that prescription medications she had been taking might have already harmed her baby.

Abortion seemed like the solution for this crisis pregnancy.

You The anxious mom and her husband said nothing when they visited their chiropractor, who was wearing a “Pray to End Abortion” button…

…but at a follow-up appointment two weeks later, the couple told the chiropractor that his 40 Days for Life button persuaded them to choose life!… Read More “DAY 33: Saved by a button!”

DAY 32: Praying in a hailstorm

DAY 32: Praying in a hailstorm

Liverpool is home to one of England’s busiest abortion facilities…

…but even as the local abortion center ends about 5,000 lives annually, the city hasn’t had a strong pro-life presence in years. Liverpool’s 40 Days for Life team is changing that.

“This is a crucial, critical time to get this right,” said 40 Days for Life Director of International Campaigns Robert Colquhoun.

So far, so good! Praying through a hailstorm, Margaret saved a life through her faithful witness.

“Thank you! Thank you Thank you!” shouted an expectant mother at vigil participants. “I’ve been asking for a sign and I saw you.Thank… Read More “DAY 32: Praying in a hailstorm”

DAY 31: Hope after abortion

DAY 31: Hope after abortion

Vigil participants in Lawndale, California observed a man repeatedly drive by their vigil site.

Eventually, the motorist stopped to thank the peaceful prayer warriors for being out there. In his 20s, he accompanied a friend to abort her baby. Though the child was not his, the experience haunts him to this day.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the man’s last brush with abortion. When his son got a girlfriend pregnant, the man didn’t object to the abortion of his own grandchild.

“Since that time, he was saved and knows God has forgiven him,” reported Laura, the local vigil leader. “However, he is still grieving the loss of his grandchild.… Read More “DAY 31: Hope after abortion”

DAY 29: The feel-good story of the fall

DAY 29: The feel-good story of the fall

For years, Ron and Howard prayed for Ava as she went to work at Planned Parenthood in Napa, California.

Now, Ron and Howard pray with Ava, one of 206 abortion workers to leave her job through a 40 Days for Life campaign.

Those prayers were answered in a powerful way this fall as the Napa campaign team acquired the property next door to Planned Parenthood and turned it into the Napa Women’s Center!

In today’s video blog, I share how Napa’s 40 Days for Life campaign launched a new pregnancy help center, converted a former abortion worker, and continues to change hearts and save lives in one of the most abortion-friendly parts of the country:

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Ron, Howard, and Ava had no idea how God would answer their prayers when they stepped out in faith to pray for an end to abortion.

She Had an Abortion But Learned She’s Still Pregnant. Now She’s Choosing Life for Her Baby

Rosa* had a dream. In her dream she saw Jesus and He told her, “You have two months.”

The 35-year-old Bogotá, Colombia, resident was shocked by her dream. Rosa pondered it over and over, wondering what it could mean.

What was as strange to her as the dream was that Rosa noticed she had continued pregnancy symptoms – strange, because she had gone to one of the abortion facilities in her neighborhood and had an abortion.

The week after Rosa’s abortion, the local 40 Days for Life group had begun its vigils in her neighborhood of Teusaquillo, which has more than 30 abortion centers.

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Fwd: DAY 26: Eradicating Down syndrome

Fwd: DAY 26: Eradicating Down syndrome

As the doctor pressured her to get an abortion, Robin could feel her 23-week-old unborn son kicking within her womb.

The little boy, named Bryan, had Down syndrome, and the doctor offered the Greenville, South Carolina 40 Days for Life co-leader Robin a litany of reasons why giving Bryan life would destroy her own life:

“This will ruin your marriage.”

“Your other two sons will resent you, your husband, and their brother.”

“You will be stuck under a burden that cannot be taken away.”
Doctors even attempted to send her to an infamous third-trimester abortionist halfway across the country…but still she refused.… Read More “Fwd: DAY 26: Eradicating Down syndrome”

DAY 18: Abortion doctor shortage

DAY 18: Abortion doctor shortage

No medical student is right now striving to be (unlike other fields of medicine) the best abortion doctor in America.

Abortionists are the disgrace of the medical community and they often know it. That’s why few of them admit to doing abortions, and they often hide in their cars as they’re driven into the facility.

The abortion industry is experiencing a staffing crisis as doctors are increasingly unwilling to do abortions. And help is not on the way as the median age of abortion providers continues to rise.

After holding 40 Days for Life vigils in front of the local hospital since 2015, pro-lifers in Gherla, Romania achieved a breakthrough as numerous doctors and medical staff from the hospital joined the vigil!… Read More “DAY 18: Abortion doctor shortage”

DAY 25: Sad days in England

DAY 25: Sad days in England

These are sad days in England as the Brits lose their minds.

Traditionally America’s greatest ally (after a rough start), England is butchering freedom like few other countries in the West.

The British attacks on freedom of speech (which are hard to fathom) are at an all time high as they silence their own people. Britain has targeted 40 Days for Life vigils with buffer zones, which have always been unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court in America (including by Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

Now, England is taking it to a new level by preventing even mentioning the issue of abortion–for or against–in newly implemented buffer zones.… Read More “DAY 25: Sad days in England”

Pro-Life Billboards Taking Over Atlanta

atlanta highways


Since we announced our partnership with our friends First Baptist Church of Woodstock, the Cressman and Guy families, and the Life Initiatives & Values group @ FBCW to bring the pro-life message to Planned Parenthood’s doorstep, we have launched TWO brand new pro-life billboards in Atlanta!

We were part of a nationwide messaging study last year examining how to reach middle-of-the-road voters on the life issue. We found that they were particularly impacted by scientific fact that a baby’s heartbeat begins around 6 weeks in the womb and that abortion undeniably stops that beating heart.

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DAY 10: Shortage of abortion doctors


Abortion is the shame of the medical community.

That is evident with the increasing shortage of doctors willing to do an abortion, a mounting problem for the abortion industry.

The shortage of abortionists is often revealed during a 40 Days for Life campaign. Our prayer presence causes Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry to change their schedules and even cancel abortion days.

40 Days for Life volunteers are increasingly reporting that when they show up to pray on abortion day NO abortions are being done!

“We could speculate all day,” wrote Heather and Laurie. “[But] no matter the reason, there were no abortions in Fort Pierce, Florida this morning–and there are always abortions on Saturday mornings.

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We Need You

To join us as we pray for the sanctity of life in front of PLANNED PARENTHOOD – 220 Cobb Pkwy N #500Marietta, Georgia. Park across the street or down the block in the adjacent business park.

Please join members of Transfiguration’s Respect for Life Ministry on Thursday’s during Lent from 12:00-1:00pm for one hour of prayer for the unborn and their families.

We are called to Fast, Pray and make acts of Self Sacrifice during Lent. This is wonderful opportunity to achieve a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, during this Lenten Season.

Please prayerfully consider joining us during this time, or if you cannot make this time, go on to the 40 Days for Life website and sign up for a time that is convenient for you!… Read More “We Need You”

Bad news


Planned Parenthood’s annual report is out, and it’s filled with bad news:

  • 345,672 abortions performed last year–an all-time high. 
  • A new record for taxpayer funding at more than $600 millionlast year
  • The roll-out of a sex-education curriculum…for pre-schoolers!

Fortunately, it wasn’t all bad news. Planned Parenthood continues to lose clients, and donations dropped by nearly $40 million in 2019. 

On this week’s episode of The 40 Days for Life Podcast, we discuss 8 stunning revelations from Planned Parenthood’s annual report.

Click here to tune in: