Fwd: DAY 26: Eradicating Down syndrome

Fwd: DAY 26: Eradicating Down syndrome

As the doctor pressured her to get an abortion, Robin could feel her 23-week-old unborn son kicking within her womb.

The little boy, named Bryan, had Down syndrome, and the doctor offered the Greenville, South Carolina 40 Days for Life co-leader Robin a litany of reasons why giving Bryan life would destroy her own life:

“This will ruin your marriage.”

“Your other two sons will resent you, your husband, and their brother.”

“You will be stuck under a burden that cannot be taken away.”
Doctors even attempted to send her to an infamous third-trimester abortionist halfway across the country…but still she refused.… Read More “Fwd: DAY 26: Eradicating Down syndrome”

DAY 18: Abortion doctor shortage

DAY 18: Abortion doctor shortage

No medical student is right now striving to be (unlike other fields of medicine) the best abortion doctor in America.

Abortionists are the disgrace of the medical community and they often know it. That’s why few of them admit to doing abortions, and they often hide in their cars as they’re driven into the facility.

The abortion industry is experiencing a staffing crisis as doctors are increasingly unwilling to do abortions. And help is not on the way as the median age of abortion providers continues to rise.

After holding 40 Days for Life vigils in front of the local hospital since 2015, pro-lifers in Gherla, Romania achieved a breakthrough as numerous doctors and medical staff from the hospital joined the vigil!… Read More “DAY 18: Abortion doctor shortage”

DAY 25: Sad days in England

DAY 25: Sad days in England

These are sad days in England as the Brits lose their minds.

Traditionally America’s greatest ally (after a rough start), England is butchering freedom like few other countries in the West.

The British attacks on freedom of speech (which are hard to fathom) are at an all time high as they silence their own people. Britain has targeted 40 Days for Life vigils with buffer zones, which have always been unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court in America (including by Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

Now, England is taking it to a new level by preventing even mentioning the issue of abortion–for or against–in newly implemented buffer zones.… Read More “DAY 25: Sad days in England”

How to Contact Your Elected Representatives

How to Contact Your Elected Representatives

One of the best things you can do to support our efforts is to contact your elected officials. And the easiest and best way to do that is through their web sites or email. See how in the instructions below:

Contact Governor Brian Kemp: Click the link to be taken to a web site where you can send your comments to the Governor.

Contact your State Senator or Representative:  This link opens a website that helps you find your state representatives based on your address.

Life is Precious – and Worth Fighting For

Copyright LaurenW

I got the following story from Facebook from old friends I used to work with in Ohio. When I saw this beautiful picture of Lauren and her baby Carson, I was inspired to share her story on our website and newsletter. 

Background: The first sign of trouble in Lauren’s pregnancy was her water breaking at 22 weeks. She was admitted into Akron City Hospital immediately, and spent 81 days in the hospital before going into labor. Carson was born on April 28, 6 1/2 weeks early. Since Carson was still at serious risk, Lauren was moved to an operating room next to NICU for the delivery.… Read More “Life is Precious – and Worth Fighting For”

Very Personal note from grateful parents

by Karl Pieleck

The day we found out we were pregnant was not a happy one. We weren’t excited, or thrilled. We did not see it as a blessing, or an amazing fortune. Instead, we saw it as a disaster. An unexpected misfortune that we were absolutely not prepared for. With our son only one years old, behind on our bills, and stressed out about our future, we just knew there was no way for us to provide for another child so soon. Diapers, wipes, clothes, a place to sleep, food, childcare, the list went on and on in our heads every single day.

Read More “Very Personal note from grateful parents”

Rose Procession News and Pictures

I want to thank everyone involved with the planning and execution of this year’s Pro-Life Rose Procession. Every year we have the privilege of hearing the many stories from people who are impacted by the Rose Procession in a very personal way.  This year was no exception.  The procession makes people stop and think about the 61 million and counting children never allowed to be born.
Bringing the Rose Procession to reality does take a village – we had people:
  • working the sign-up tables for the two weekends before the procession weekend,
  • advertising the processions through the newsletter distribution list,
  • making reminder calls/e-mails,
  • staffing the sign in tables on procession weekend,
  • recruiting “same-day volunteers” to fill open spots,
  • executing the procession itself, and
  • staffing the after mass table with pro-life magnets, pins, bumper stickers and other pro-life material.
Read More “Rose Procession News and Pictures”

RESPECT LIFE Meeting Minutes 10/14/2019

by Karl Pieleck

         OLD BUSINESS:

  • TEEN DASH Set for 10/27; Betsy to meet with Peggy to stuff handout bags; Mike to get baby feet, HOPE Center materials and Life Savers to Peggy; Rachel Guy with 40 days to help at event; contact Peggy if you can help that night. Karl has prepared trifold and will get 50 copies for bags. The prayer magnets Tim prepared will also be included.
  • MASS FOR UNBORN Betsy met with Rod for liturgy planning and with Ginger re other logistics. Betsy has aggressive publicity plans including church media, Georgia Bulletin, local parish contact, etc. Plan is to say rosary before mass and invite Marion Hour members to join us (Peggy).
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Chad Wischmeyer Recognition

Chad Wischmeyer Recognition

by Karl Pieleck

Chad’s leadership in the Respect Life ministry was recognized at the October 2019 Respect Life Meeting, and all expressed their appreciation for all he has done for LIFE. We are so blessed to have him in our ministry!

Mike Northway Presenting Chad with a Plaque of Appreciation!