WWMIN met LaToya through The Hope Center and Cathy Zingler. She was pregnant with twins, on bedrest and about to lose her apartment at the end of July 2022. Dad of twins, Julius, was unsure of the role he would play. She did lose the apartment, went into pre-term labor, and was admitted to Kennestone Hospital on July 31 where she remained under careful observation until the birth of her twin girls, Juliana and Julani on August 23, five weeks early. Meantime, her older daughter, Brayah, was sent to live with her father in Ohio. Julius stayed with LaToya at the hospital until she was discharged. After some complications, LaToya was discharged on August 27 with nowhere to go. Her twins were to remain in the NICU.

Transfiguration’s SVDP stepped in and put LaToya and Julius up in the Barrett Parkway Inn-Town Suites to be close to the babies and to discern next steps. SVDP provided a roof at the Inn-Town Suites for LaToya, Julius, and the babies until October 8 when LaToya and the girls moved to be with family in Dallas, TX.

During her stay at Inn-Town Suites, LaToya had many things happen and decisions to make. Her first night in the Suites, her car was repossessed, the babies came “home” from the NICU one at a time, and her living situation became more difficult. Julius became more of a hindrance than a help, and although he had a box truck, it was unfit to transport the babies and, additionally, his license was suspended. The truck was his source of income; he was unwilling to work in any other environment while waiting on his license. Meantime, WWMIN provided home-cooked meals, transportation, baby needs to include a special baby formula for preemies, and mama needs. We walked with LaToya in friendship and prayer, helped her understand her options, and prayed for her as she weighed each of them. In the end, she was able to make a clear decision for herself and her babies. When the babies were well enough, her best friend came and together they flew to Dallas where LaToya would move in with her brother (a long- haul truck driver). WWMIN packed up the two storage units of LaToya’s belongings, including the wonderful baby shower gifts the parishioners of Transfiguration so generously provided. The cost to ship the belongings was greater than WWMIN anticipated, and Transfiguration’s SVDP stepped in and provided the funding. Julius would stay behind and has not maintained contact with LaToya. Brayah was reunited with her mama and twin sisters shortly after their arrival in Dallas.

UPDATE: As of February 23, 2023

LaToya and her family have been thriving since she got to Dallas. Her brother is a gift of more than just things and has provided her with a home and a car that is paid for.  Her Auntie is also in Dallas and helping with the girls.  LaToya has been working full-time from home and is about to move into her own condo on March 4.

 LaToya told WWMIN’s Cathy Zingler, “None of this would have been possible without the help of the Hope Center, Walking with Mom’s in Need and Saint Vincent de Paul. She told me she is forever grateful, and never knew there was such kindness out there.”

WWMIN will keep in touch with LaToya, continue to pray for her and her family, giving thanks for all of God’s goodness; showing Himself even in what appeared to be the darkest moments.  We will continue to celebrate LaToya and her girls by sending cards of encouragement, and cards for special times of the year like Christmas, Easter, and birthdays.

May God continue to bless LaToya and her family with His presence and love; that she and the girls will come to know Him and invite Him in to walk with them in their lives.  God is so good, and we see it in the vulnerability of this family.