Praise and glory, God is good!  Help us celebrate with Koroly, Nico and big sister, Harmony as they welcome their new addition, Sion Isaiah.  Sion was born this morning, Thursday, February 9, 7:23a, weighing 9 lbs 11 oz and 23 inches long.  Mom and baby are doing very well.  A picture is at the end of this email.

We are so happy for this family.  While Nico works hard to get back to health after a stroke in September, he is eager to get back to work once mom and baby are settled.  Koroly had been waiting tables up until the very end of this pregnancy but will take some time off to care for the baby and big sister.  They have both always been very hard workers and are excited about their new opportunities in Canton. We would like to show our continued support for this growing family by letting them know they have a community in us.  Please join us if you are able in one of the following: 

First and foremost, prayer! We know your prayers are being heard, so please keep praying.

Please consider making a meal for Koroly and the family. We set up dates on MealTrain, but if you are not a chef, there is an option to purchase a gift card as well.  Link for sign up:

We are glad to drive the meal for you if the distance is an issue. 

Send a card of congratulations to the family.  You can drop the card in between the Transfiguration office doors.  We have a yellow envelope labeled RFL/WWMIN in a mailslot on the wall to your left.  Emma Cassanova will ensure the card is received.  

Add to Koroly’s diaper fund on Amazon:

We’ve estimated it takes about $575 to buy diapers for one year.  If we can fill Koroly’s diaper fund this would be hugely helpful.  This enables her to order diapers as she needs them and in any size or brand.  There are a few other items on her wishlist if you would feel inclined to do something other than diapers.

Help Nico find a job.  Nico had a stroke back in September, and while he is on the mend he still has a few physical issues he is working through. Click here for his updated resume. If you know of any leads (even part-time) please contact me and I will give you his contact information.

I wish you could meet this lovely family.  Through all of these difficult times, they have stuck together and supported one another, and trusted that God is with them. Please continue your prayers for the success of this young family.  We all need a leg-up from time to time, and we know that with your prayers and support good things will come.

God bless all you think, say, and do,

Karla and Cathy