Good morning friends,

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind with our Moms in Need.  Thank you for the wonderful attendance at our previous meeting.  We were able to dissect our strengths and weaknesses, make decisions on how to proceed with future endeavors, and enjoyed a wonderful presentation and discussion with our friends from 40 Days for Life.  We were especially happy to see some of our young people from the parish join us.  God is good . . . all the time, and we give praise and thanks for all of you.


A reminder:  October is Respect for Life month

Need:  Volunteers to help with Crib Collections before and after Mass  Sign up HERE!  (this weekend Fr. Eric is letting us be inside)

What:  Respect for Life and Walking with Moms in Need is supporting and bringing awareness to Pregnancy Aid Clinic (PAC) and their Baby Boutique while bringing awareness to our Catholic Teaching of all life from womb to tomb.  

How:  We have a table at all the weekend masses for the month of October and a baby crib.  Parishioners may drop their donations in the crib before or after mass.  Please thank them and if they would like more information regarding WWMIN, PAC, or any life issue you can hand them a brochure or ask them to leave their contact information on our clipboard, and Cathy or I will contact them. Literature with information is displayed on the table as well as information regarding Pregnancy Aid Clinic (PAC). 

How’s it Going:  Very well!  We have made multiple trips to Pregnancy Aid Clinic Baby Boutique this month!  It turns out the items we have delivered have been exactly what is needed.  As we might expect, the Holy Spirit has put on our parishioners’ hearts to drop items we never thought to request.

Added BONUS:  Learn more about Pregnancy Aid Clinic (PAC)

PAC Website

Georgia Bulletin Article

KofC Men’s OctoberFest Social is supporting PAC by asking for baby items this Tuesday!

A big THANK YOU! to all of our volunteers who have helped man our tables thus far.  We hope you have enjoyed the interactions and relationships made with each other and our Transfiguration family.  Two more weekends to go.


LaToya and the twins are in Dallas and settled! UPDATE

We couldn’t have done it without your prayers and helping hands, and the guidance and monetary resources of SVdP.  Why this experience is significant:

Every contribution, large or small, gave LaToya the dignity, time, and empowerment to assess her situation and make decisions for herself and her family.  She was able to weigh the possible outcomes/consequences of the options she had before her knowing she would have a roof over her head and support for her babies.  While none of the options were easy, she can say that she chose what was best for her and her babies.  We are so thankful for this small family and the support all of you provided.  


SVdP paid for 6 weeks in an Extended Stay close to the hospital as well as the shipping costs for all of LaToya’s belongings.  They also brought provisions from the pantry.

WWMIN provided prayer, friendship, homemade meals, rides, gift cards for Lyft and groceries, baby shower gifts, diapers, wipes, special preemie formula, and muscle to pack up LaToya’s belongings and deliver them to a shipping container. 

Our leads, Cathy Zingler and Pat Bayer, will stay in contact with LaToya for updates on her progress and prayer requests.


Opportunities to Serve and Pray with our partners and supporters:

10/22 (Saturday) & 10/23 (Sunday) –  Crib Collection SIGN UP HERE!

10/24 (Monday) – 7p SVdP Meeting, Adult Lounge

10/25 (Tuesday) – KofC Men’s OctoberFest Social

10/26 (Wednesday)  – 7p Marian Hour Rosary for Life in the Chapel

10/27 (Thursday) – SVdP MUST Meals– A meal is provided on the 4th Thursday of every EVEN month. 

         –Contact Michele Salas

10/29 (Saturday) & 10/30 (Sunday) – Crib Collection SIGN UP HERE!

11/6 (Sunday) 40 Days for Life 365 (flyer attached)

11/10(Thursday) 7p Next WWMIN Meeting

Tuesdays – 40 Days for Life prayer vigil call/text Peggy 678-467-0647

Keep informed:

Transfiguration’s Respect for Life Newsletter

God bless you for the faith you bring both inside and outside of our parish walls.

Karla, Cathy, and Pat