Three different doctors told Suzanne Guy to get a late-term abortion.

They said Suzanne’s unborn child had a genetic anomaly “not compatible with life” and warned that she needed to abort–or else she, too, would die. Suzanne and her husband refused.

“Go home and wait for your baby to die,” one doctor coldly advised her.

Suzanne’s mother told her not to give up. “If there’s a heartbeat, there’s hope,” she said. “We pray.”

That hope and many prayers were fulfilled when Suzanne’s daughter, Rachel, miraculously survived. Rachel spent the first half-year of her life in the hospital–but suffered no further health problems.

Suzanne and Rachel now co-lead the Marietta, Georgia, 40 Days for Life and 40 Days for Life 365 campaigns and have saved many lives.

At Saturday’s 40 Days for Life National Gala, they received the 2022 Sue Thayer 40 Days for Life Leader of the Year Award: