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Remember Chip and Ali who wanted to adopt?……

Also Remember Malieka – who was saved from aborting her twins.
Well, God used Chip and Ali’s story from the The St. Brigid Respect Life newsletter to direct me to connect Chip and Ali with Malieka to potentially adopt the twins.
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And how they bonded and Malieka chose Chip and Ali for an adoption plan?
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and Ali the artist made her these beautiful shirts to wear. and how our church bought the children bunk beds to sleep on and got a great K of C from Tennessee near her to put them together. She was so loved on!
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and remember how it all FELL apart a few weeks before the babies were born in August and she decided to parent???
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God was not finished with that story!!!! 
WELL here is the latest news that we give all Glory to God for: 
Today From Ali-
Thank you for your continued love and support! We have some wonderful news about our adoption process! The birth mom contacted us last week and let us know that she was ready for us to adopt the twins! We were surprised and overjoyed with the news.
Zoey Elise and Jacob Thomas were born on August 10th, the feast of St. Lawrence and we signed the adoption on September 14th, the Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross. 
We received permission from the interstate adoption committee to return home from Nashville with the twins. We took them to their first pediatrician’s appointment today and they are healthy and doing great! Zoey is now 8 lb 3 oz and Jacon is 8 lb 11oz! We are blessed to have my mom helping right now, so we can get some much-needed sleep! We were also blessed to have visits from my dad and Beverly. We are confident that Deacon and Dad, Jim Stone, is interceding for us, with God’s grace, from heaven!

Ali called me around 10 am today to tell me the news as she wanted to wait until the adoption was final, which was yesterday.
She told me the good news and I fell to my knees praising God and crying tears of Joy!!! 
Praise and thank you Jesus for all the answered prayers. Malieka has made the most unselfish decision of her life!!! Please pray for her heart as she goes forward and for her family to treat her well making this decision. 
So wonderful to get such GREAT news.  They are beautiful children and wondèrful parents.   Give them some sleep Lord!