Please come join our Marietta 40 Days for Life 365 family. God wants to use you to be that loving, prayerful presence that offers hope and resources and shows the face of Jesus. We have an amazing team/family! Come join us Monday through Friday.

This is the best mission field!! Where else can a life be saved by God both eternally AND LITERALLY PHYSICALLY. Here are a couple  photos of life decisions outside the Marietta PP thanks to you all being willing to be present and pray and share God’s love. Look at that baby’s face. She is alive because of all the amazing souls who say “yes” to God to be present, pray and share HIS Heart of hope and help and compassion. And that is our sweet Brittany with wonderful Jakayla who chose life several weeks ago! Her sister said the reason they walked over to us was because we kindly waved them to come over and pointed to our We Care We Can Help sign. LOVE WINS! LOVE ALWAYS WINS! Love you all! (Peter and Suzanne Guy)

Note: You can contact Peggy Desiderio: for a time slot. It’s best to contact in advance so that if you are new to this vigil, we an give you a time slot where someone can be there with you.