The Fall of each year serves as a reminder that the year is coming to an end, and we are headed into the busy holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when families gather to share stories while making new memories. For my family, whether the elders pray or the children pray. Prayers are coveted by all who attend.

I remember visiting a foster home during November several days before Thanksgiving and teaching a child a prayer to say as they prepared for bed. I knelt beside the bed and waited for them to join me. After talking for a few minutes, I asked them to repeat after me…, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord, my soul, to keep. May the angels watch me through the night, until I wake in the morning light.

I paused and asked them. “Who do you want God to bless?” She asked me who was on my list. I remember saying that when I was their age, my list was my parents, my siblings, my friends, and sometimes a teacher or two. We started the prayer over, and she made her list.

Over the years, I’ve taught my daughter and now my grandson that same prayer. Now we’ve changed the end of the prayer to say, “God bless the children around the world who cannot pray the same.” The Beatitudes take on a new meaning when you’re waiting to be a part of the family. God’s word is the answer. Read with me the Sermon on the Mount at Matthew 5:1-12 ESV.

Adoption Month Devotional

Today’s devotion is for the children in the foster care system who long to be a part of a family.

  • Blessed are the children, for God has not forgotten about you.
  • Blessed are the hurting, for God sends healing and comfort to strengthen you.
  • Blessed are the sibling groups, for there are families willing to keep you together.
  • Blessed are those who long to speak their truth, for there are those who stand ready to listen.
  • Blessed are those longing to belong, for God has a place just for you.
  • Blessed are those who want a family, for there are couples who are willing to welcome you home.

Will you join me in praying these blessings over these precious children in foster care?

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