We now know of 388 babies spared from abortion since September 23–with news from local campaigns continuing to flow in.

After nearly a decade of 40 Days for Life campaigns, College Station, Texas has been abortion-free since 2013. 

That hasn’t stopped pro-lifers from continuing to host vigils, praying for women in the community tempted to leave town for an abortion. 

Even without an abortion facility, the vigil is still saving lives!

As a taxi driver drove a college-aged woman and her parents past the vigil site, the young woman asked, “What’s going on? Is this a protest?”

“No, it’s prayer to end abortion,” the driver responded. 

The young woman’s parents looked at each other and then at their daughter, who admitted she was scheduled to drive to Houston for an abortion consultation just two days later. 


The young mother felt she had her entire life ahead of her and did not want the pressure of being a young parent.

Fortunately, the cab driver was a 40 Days for Life participant.He reframed the conversation, explaining that the life ahead of her would have more joy with the blessing of a baby. 

The expectant mother’s parents broke down crying, offering to welcome their first grandchild with open arms. By the end of the trip, everybody in the car was in tears as the new mom shouted, “Call the doctor! I’m keeping my baby!”

After dropping off his passengers, the driver returned to the vigil and spent some time in prayer.