As the doctor pressured her to get an abortion, Robin could feel her 23-week-old unborn son kicking within her womb.

The little boy, named Bryan, had Down syndrome, and the doctor offered the Greenville, South Carolina 40 Days for Life co-leader Robin a litany of reasons why giving Bryan life would destroy her own life:

“This will ruin your marriage.”

“Your other two sons will resent you, your husband, and their brother.”

“You will be stuck under a burden that cannot be taken away.”
Doctors even attempted to send her to an infamous third-trimester abortionist halfway across the country…but still she refused.

“Did I question my ability to do this? Sure, I did,” Robin said. “But I knew this baby was sent to us for a reason.”

15 years later, none of the doctors’ dire predictions came to pass.

Robin’s marriage is strong. Her oldest son graduated college at 21 years old, crediting his little brother for inspiring him to persevere through his own struggles. And her middle son is a U.S. Marine protecting our freedom.

“To have terminated him would have changed my family,” Robin said.
While Robin chose life, many who receive a challenging prenatal diagnosis don’t. Iceland once claimed to be on the brink of eradicating Down syndrome–by eradicating people with Down syndrome.

With so much pressure on expectant mothers to abort babies with disabilities, it seems the right to choose abortion has become an obligation to choose abortion.