No medical student is right now striving to be (unlike other fields of medicine) the best abortion doctor in America.

Abortionists are the disgrace of the medical community and they often know it. That’s why few of them admit to doing abortions, and they often hide in their cars as they’re driven into the facility.

The abortion industry is experiencing a staffing crisis as doctors are increasingly unwilling to do abortions. And help is not on the way as the median age of abortion providers continues to rise.

After holding 40 Days for Life vigils in front of the local hospital since 2015, pro-lifers in Gherla, Romania achieved a breakthrough as numerous doctors and medical staff from the hospital joined the vigil!

Stefana, the local leader, reported that doctors had known about the campaign for years and wanted to participate…but they were embarrassed.

“The manager of the hospital, a pro-life woman, supports them and encourages them to take part in the campaign,” Stafana said. “During the 13th day [of the vigil], they came out to the street.”

And that’s not the only breakthrough!

Stefana also reported that in 2019, the hospital delivered 31 babies–but performed 23 abortions. So far in 2020, the hospital has delivered 55 babies and committed just 17 abortions.

“Having doctors in the street, we have to pray more and more fervently for the hospital in Gherla to say ‘NO’ to abortion and declare itself a PRO-LIFE HOSPITAL!” Stafana wrote.