America has had the privilege of watching Judge Amy Coney Barrett withstand intense fire with grace and compassion, all while displaying astounding knowledge of the law and legal philosophies without any notes – winning the hearts and minds of many Americans.

Lindsey Graham powerfully opened his remarks on Day 2 of the Supreme Court nomination hearings with Judge Barrett with a powerful statement “It’s ok to be religiously conservative…it’s ok to live your life in a traditional Catholic fashion and you are still qualified for the Supreme Court. To all the young, conservative women, this hearing today is about a spot for you at the Supreme Court, just like there was for Justice Ginsberg.”

This is a powerful picture for not only young women, but all conservatives. There is a place for us.

However, the Left clearly doesn’t agree. Amy challenges their ideas of what a women, a justice, and a member of society at large should be.

The beauty of the American process is that there is a place for all of us in the discussion. It is why conservatives fight for religious freedom and free speech. These God-given rights preserve a place for everyone.

And the beauty of conservative legal principles: We don’t demand an outcome.

The Court should not be about policy outcomes – but instead about allowing our laws to be made by the proper legislative bodies and then allowing the Court to defend the Constitution. But Liberals are terrified of a Court they can’t control. Liberals want the Court to pass their legislative agenda. Conservatives recognize that sometimes we will get decisions we like from the Court and other times we will not. The Court has a duty to the law, not to a political party or to a particular policy.

Conservative judicial philosophies actually give us all a seat at the table. There is room for differing outcomes and policy can still be left to the political bodies.

Now that the hearings are over, we can move forward to a vote by the committee and hopefully a vote by the entire Senate soon. If you haven’t already done so, reach out to our Kansas Senators today and thank them for their commitment to support Judge Barrett.

So we all have a seat,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

This article was originally published in Family Policy Alliance. Click here to read the Original Article

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