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Since we announced our partnership with our friends First Baptist Church of Woodstock, the Cressman and Guy families, and the Life Initiatives & Values group @ FBCW to bring the pro-life message to Planned Parenthood’s doorstep, we have launched TWO brand new pro-life billboards in Atlanta!

We were part of a nationwide messaging study last year examining how to reach middle-of-the-road voters on the life issue. We found that they were particularly impacted by scientific fact that a baby’s heartbeat begins around 6 weeks in the womb and that abortion undeniably stops that beating heart.

That’s why we have launched two brand new billboards that proclaim the medical fact that “Abortion STOPS A Beating Heart.”

Now, anyone who drives into Atlanta on 75/85 South will see this new billboard flying over Atlantic Station. And anyone driving into Atlanta on 75/85 North sill see the same board just south of the Capitol building.

But we need your help to ensure this new billboard stays up through the November elections!

This historic pro-life education effort is reaching a combined 2.4 million Georgians EVERY WEEK. This has never happened before in Georgia, and we are excited to be leading the fight to radically change our culture by using science, biology, and data to combat Planned Parenthood’s millions in misinformation campaigns.

Chip in today and let’s continue to canvas Georgia skies with the pro-life message!

Keep Pro-Life Billboards Up In Atlanta!
Together for life,

Joshua Edmonds
Executive Director
Georgia Life Alliance