February RFL Meeting Agenda

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  • Rose Procession Report Chad
  • Baby Bottle Boomerang Mike
  • Life Marketing Check List Victor/Mike
  • Social Justice 1/30 Presentation Mike


  • What Do We Want To be ALL
  • DC Trip 1/20 Report/Learning for 2021 Betsy/Peggy
  • 40 Days For Life Mike
  • Teen Scholarship Donna

Georgia Senators Targeting the Elderly with Profoundly Immoral New Bill – The Resurgent

After suffering a crushing defeat when they tried to oppose the Heartbeat Bill last year; Senator Steve Henson, Senator Nan Orrock, and their pro-death supporters took the year to lick their wounds and have returned this legislative session with a new targeted attack on the innocent and most vulnerable among us – Senate Bill 291, the “Georgia Death with Dignity Act“.

There are attempts to introduce a version of this same initiative every few years, each with a different, catchy, and seemingly altruistic name – meant to ignite a sense of compassion and support from those who don’t realize that their only goal is to continue to attack and erode the value of human life, and our morals along with it.

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2020 March For Life Update

We are trying to determine the level of interest in Transfiguration families for going to DC for the March for Life in January 2021. If interested in learning more contact Peggy Desiderio at peggydesiderio@gmail.com. To get an idea what it’s all about, please review the following information.

Video showing March for Life vs Women’s March

Click here for a Report on the events in Washington for the 2020 March

Some Information in this article provide by America Needs Fatima. Click the image to go to their website.

Catholic Social Teaching Event at Transfiguration

by Karl Pieleck

Last night (January 30), we had Ms. Amy Edwards lead our discussion of “Pro-Life for Life”. It was a comprehensive look at the principles of Pro-Life, founded in Catholic Social Teaching, that are the underpinning of our sacred beliefs regarding the baby in the womb. She also demonstrated that those beliefs transcends only the baby and can be applied to many social issues that confronts us between birth and natural death. Please review her below. Note some of the slides have additional embedded videos. (To enlarge the presentation, click the icon at the bottom right corner of the box.

Very Personal note from grateful parents

by Karl Pieleck

The day we found out we were pregnant was not a happy one. We weren’t excited, or thrilled. We did not see it as a blessing, or an amazing fortune. Instead, we saw it as a disaster. An unexpected misfortune that we were absolutely not prepared for. With our son only one years old, behind on our bills, and stressed out about our future, we just knew there was no way for us to provide for another child so soon. Diapers, wipes, clothes, a place to sleep, food, childcare, the list went on and on in our heads every single day.

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Bad news


Planned Parenthood’s annual report is out, and it’s filled with bad news:

  • 345,672 abortions performed last year–an all-time high. 
  • A new record for taxpayer funding at more than $600 millionlast year
  • The roll-out of a sex-education curriculum…for pre-schoolers!

Fortunately, it wasn’t all bad news. Planned Parenthood continues to lose clients, and donations dropped by nearly $40 million in 2019. 

On this week’s episode of The 40 Days for Life Podcast, we discuss 8 stunning revelations from Planned Parenthood’s annual report.

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Rose Procession News and Pictures

I want to thank everyone involved with the planning and execution of this year’s Pro-Life Rose Procession. Every year we have the privilege of hearing the many stories from people who are impacted by the Rose Procession in a very personal way.  This year was no exception.  The procession makes people stop and think about the 61 million and counting children never allowed to be born.
Bringing the Rose Procession to reality does take a village – we had people:
  • working the sign-up tables for the two weekends before the procession weekend,
  • advertising the processions through the newsletter distribution list,
  • making reminder calls/e-mails,
  • staffing the sign in tables on procession weekend,
  • recruiting “same-day volunteers” to fill open spots,
  • executing the procession itself, and
  • staffing the after mass table with pro-life magnets, pins, bumper stickers and other pro-life material.
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