• Mass For Unborn Scheduled for 1/16/2020 as our initial effort. Betsy has met with key players and set on readings, music, etc. There is a bit of time pressure re short lead times on media due to holidays.
  • Website Update Teen New Member Welcome We are excited re our new teen members. Mary and Fatima attended the meeting and discussed the possible use of Instagram (Social Media) and Group Me (Group messaging) to reach a wider (teen) audience. These two applications represent a major opportunity for us and both Mary and Fatima offered to help Karl implement them for our ministry. Karl will be reaching out to them over the next month to analyze these applications and prepare a recommendation.
  • Website Update

Fatima offered to help with translation of our web site and teen handout. Karl will look into WordPress to see if it supports a “user locale” function. If it does, we can start to translate some of the pages.  Karl will send the teen handout to Fatima for translation.

                   The website now supports a secured way to send out a single email to all the Mailchimp newsletter subscribers.

                   Karl described when various “add-ins” are updated, they could cause instability in the website. Karl will update the documentation to detail how to fix this issue if it happens in the future.

                   The website documentation was added to the website and can be viewed only by an admin. Karl will prepare a list of all the pertinent website passwords and share them with Victor.

                   Victor asked if we could look into conforming our website with the look and feel of the new church website. Karl will meet with the church team when the is implemented.



Karl suggested we send out a special newsletter edition for holidays (IE Christmas card). These can be set up in advance to automatically send on a specific day. Karl will develop the first one for Christmas.  Tim noted he would like to add a feature to the newsletter to highlight the work of various Respect For Life Leaders (like Rachel Guy). Karl noted we could do a special feature newsletter and we could also do a taped interview. These might be something we do on a quarterly basis. Tim will develop a recommendation and come up with a possible interviewee list.

  • It would be good to issue Hispanic version and Fatima offered to assist Karl in this effort.
  • Teen New Member Welcome We are excited re our new teen members. Its clear that we will need their help in developing communications that reach teens through proper media. Instagram (Group Me)represents a major opportunity and we welcome their help in developing this media.
  • Holy Hour With Marion Ministry Peggy, as member of both organizations looking to set up a joint Holy Hour. We would like at least one of our priests to attend. Timing to schedule in February is suggested as our ministry will Have Spotlight at all masses the weekend of Feb 2 as well as this follows a major Fatima presentation sponsored by Holy Name on Feb 1 in Bishop Hall.
  • Rose Procession Scheduled for January 25-26 at all masses. Chad will send out communication soon and needs our members to step forward to volunteer to work at all masses. We especially need coordinators for each mass.
  • Teen Life Night Set for 1/5/2020. Rachel Guy is scheduled to be the featured speaker. Peggy to follow with Melissa re further details. We expect to use trifold as a handout and need to determine number needed. Karl to arrange to produce once number determined.


  • RCIA Tim developing thoughts on how to proceed once we get approval. Mike to follow with Bill Garity to determine level of interest.
  • Pro Life Christmas Caroling Dec 14 Come join us Saturday, December 14th Starting at 9:30 am Marietta Planned Parenthood 220 Cobb Pkwy N Marietta, GA 30062. Song books provided. For more info contact: Rachel Mary Guy 404-922-7659
  • 40 Days For Prayer Spring Kickoff Meeting Will be hosted by Holy Family Catholic Church on February 25th. Worldwide campaign begins February 26 (Ash Wednesday) and lasts for 40 Days. More info to come.
  • Tim advises with some humility that he was wrong…Shawn Carney is catholic (he and wife expecting number 8 soon)