• TEEN DASH Was a big success. Filled room for 3 of 4 sessions and 4 teens signed up to get involved in our ministry. Thanks to Peggy, Colleen and Rachel for their active roles in making this a success. Will need 75 “Goodie Bags” next time as we ran out (they were a big hit). Rachel’s testamony was powerfull. Only 2 teens had seen Unplanned.
  • MASS FOR UNBORN Betsy met with Rod for liturgy planning and with Ginger re other logistics. Betsy has aggressive publicity plans including church media, Georgia Bulletin, local parish contact, etc. Plan is to say rosary before mass and invite Marion Hour members to join us. Mass is set for 1/16/2020.
  • TEEN BUS TRIP TO DC Not feasible for this year as more lead time needed to prepare. Now planning for trip January 2021. Will mention this at 1/5/20 Teen Life night. Focus will be on inviting Teen families (avoids liability and chaperone issues)via special communication via blast email and teen distribution list to determine level of interest. But this will also be a parish wide opportunity. Peggy learning from other parishes as well as from participating in the 2020 event.
  • NEWSLETTER Letter continues to get positive feedback as does website. Calendar has been added. Karl needs to solicit another to learn how to manage both and will run ‘help wanted” ad. After next 3 months as items evolve we should develop principles re management of content, blogs, etc
  • NEWCOMER INVITE we will participate in Pastor’s Newcomer breakfasts in spring and fall to briefly talk about our ministry and hand out invites prepared by Tim. Spring breakfast is set for 11:30 on March 22 at FLC.
  • 40 DAYS FOR LIFE Holy family will host Spring Kick Off meeting.
  • JOINT HOLY HOUR Three of our Respect Life members were at joint holy hour with Marion ministry. We need more members to show up at next joint holy hour. Peggy will set up another joint holy hour for 2020.
  • ROSE PROCESSION Chad will again lead this effort the weekend of 1/25–1/26, requesting help in signing up people to solicit participation the three weekends before the event at all masses.


  • 2020 GOALS/OBJECTIVES: New goals and objectives were discussed and established. Thanks to all for input.
  • SPOTLIGHT ON MINISTRY: We are scheduled to speak at all masses 2/2/2020
  • TEEN RESPECT LIFE NIGHT: Scheduled for 1/5/2020. Mike working with Melissa and Joyce re our involvement.
  • UNPLANNED MOVIE: Pastor approved for parish wide showing. Colleen to lead this event and will check with Cathy Schneider re her learning from showing at her parish. Colleen has actor contacts. We will need RSVP to know head count to show in best venue. Date for showing TBD.
  • ADVENT INTENTIONS: Send them to Karl and he will enter them into newsletter/website.
  • NAME BADGES: Made for new team members.
  • GUEST SPEAKERS: Colleen to contact her friend to see if she can give speech at future meeting or parish event.