Respect Life Ministry

2020 Goals and Objectives

Preserving the Dignity of Life


Objective: To increase awareness and knowledge of issues and active participation for the Transfiguration Parish community involving respect and value for ALL human life.

How We Intend To Achieve Our Objective:

1. Education/Communication:

    • Distribute written materials that provide insight into Life issues. (Pro-Life months in January and October, etc.) (ALL)
    • Host guest speaker(s). Use 1-2 minute video interview as publicity. (ALL)
    • Update website monthly (KARL PIELECK)
    • Publish monthly newsletter. Need backup person to help. (KARL PIELECK)
    • Develop Annual Life Calendar with monthly Life events (KARL PIELECK)

2. Public Involvement:

    • Publicize/Support October Life Chain
    • Publicize Pro Life January rally at state capital
    • Host Unborn Mass in January (BETSY GORDON)
    • Have Transfiguration Day during 40 Days Foe Life campaign Spring & Fall at Planned Parenthood. Utilize car Pool. (COLLEEN SULLIVAN)
    • Develop 2021 Bus trip to Washington DC for national March for Life (PEGGY DESIDERIO)

3. Membership :

    • Invite Newcomers to join RFL at semiannual Pastor Newcomers Breakfast (TIM COLLINS)
    • Develop leadership succession plan (ALL)
    • Coordinate with OCI and Bill Garridy (TRINITY, COLLEEN & KARL)
    • Inform/Recruit at October Teen Dash (PEGGY DESIDERIO)
    • Participate in Spotlight on Ministry 2/1/2020 (MIKE NORTHWAY)

4. Financial / Material:

    • Deploy Baby Bottle Boomerang in Lent (MIKE NORTHWAY)
    • Support Pregnancy Aid Center October envelope (BETSYGORDON)

5. Prayer:

    • Suggestions for inclusion in prayers of the faithful (Rod to include archdiocesan suggestions in pastor’s intention file. (EVENT LEADERS SEND TO ROD)
    • Support 40 Days for Life -Spring & Fall 2019 (COLLEEN SULLIVAN)
    • Life (Rose) Procession: January (CHAD WISCHMEYER)
    • January (1/16/2020) Mass for Unborn (BETSY GORDON)
    • January 5,2020 Teen Respect Life night (PEGGY DESIDERIO, MIKE NORTHWAY)

6. Interact With Other Parish and Community Groups on Life Tasks

  • Coordinate Teen Scholarship Contest (DONNA PASSOW)
  • Recognize Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with handouts (MIKE NORTHWAY)
  • Coordinate with Marian Group re Life Holy Hour (PEGGY DESIDERIO)
  • Develop Tick Tock Video with Teens (TRINITY DeLIMA)