-Priests have previous commitments; trying to secure other dates (9/16? or

  January 2020)

 -Bulletin should have English and Spanish

 -Have 5 life intentions for each rosary decade

 -Mike to contact Bruce/Judy Goddard re our Holy Hour desires

 -Peggy to lead and coordinate with Marion Group

·        TEEN DASH:

 -Peggy assembling “Goodie Bag” (Trifold; baby feet pin; magnet; prayer; Life

  Saver candy; etc)

 -Mike to get printer permission, see if heavier stock paper available

 -Mike follow with Rachel to be at Dash event

 -Need to have updated Respect Life Goals/Objective sheet (Mike to redo for

  10/14 meeting

·        Tri Fold:

 -Karl finalizing really good product. get to Peggy for Teen dash.

 -Mike to check office copy and paper stock availability

·        Web Site

 -Karl well along in developing web site. Keep sending him input.

 -Should be ready to go in October

·         Ministry Purpose/Objectives

 -Mike to update re new ministry activities and we will discuss at 10/14 meeting

 -Idea is to have it available for Teen Dash

·        Newcomers Welcome

 -Tim to put together newcomers welcome card to be mailed to newcomers.

 -Mike to get ok from pastor to do this after getting card from Tim

·        40 Days for Life

 -We would like to have transfiguration target Saturdays as our day to pray at  

 Planned parenthood

 -Mike to put in bulletin/media

·        Spotlight on Ministry

 -Would like to do, probably in 2020 linked to 40 Days for Life Spring event